dawn r. hutchins

Designer, Textile Artist, Online Entrepreneur


     Hello. I’m Dawn, and this is what I consider to be the ‘enough about me’ page. Just enough to give you a little back story, and a thumbnail sketch of how my journey brought me to a point where I knew I needed to change course and create a life worth living.

     Bottom line is, it’s more about sharing my story with you, in the hope that it will inspire, encourage, and support you along your creative journey in making the changes needed to thrive, rather than to just 'get by'.

     Have you had enough with your day to day routine? Do you have any time or energy left at the end of the week for the things that you really want to be doing? Is your annual income worth the time that you are giving up month after month, or hardly so? Is your enthusiasm for life at a dead end? Mine certainly was, until I chose to see it as a new and exciting beginning.

     My earliest fascination was with the world of textiles, fiber, thread, and all things sewing and embroidery related. It was no wonder that I set out to study fashion design in NYC, and in my early career found myself designing cocktail and evening wear on 7th Avenue. It was at this point that my deeper passion was revealed; a reverence for the elaborate embellishments and embroideries that are the foundation of Haute Couture collections.

     The skill, integrity and craftsmanship involved in creating each garment became a huge draw for me. I explored, studied, and practiced the elegant arts of tambour beading, embroideries, applique and passementerie. I became obsessed with the precision of pattern making for the perfect fit, and learned the language of textiles, and how best to communicate with the characteristics of each fiber, knit and weave. Later I began to intertwine these arts with the brilliantly resourceful, earlier crafts of quilting, Seminole piecework, repurposed textiles, and the art of found object assemblage. 

      The intrigue for me, has been in the juxtaposition of luxury couture techniques and the roots from which they emerged. And today I am equally intrigued with the juxtaposition of utilizing current, ever evolving technology to enable me the freedom to practice, preserve, and teach these age old, and richly meditative arts.

     As a young romantic, my goal was to never bastardize the integrity of my creative expression for the sake of sales. However, as most artists come to know, passion won’t pay the bills. After 30 years in compromising 'jobs' and businesses, I found myself well beyond 'burnout' and simply an empty shell of the fiery creative that I had been. I needed to find a way to breathe life into my dimming artistic ember into creative fire. This is when I realized that if I were to truly, at soul level thrive in life, it was time to create a better way. 

     I set myself on a new path in search of new ways to generate income. I was determined to create financial independence, free my time, and return to my craft. This meant starting from scratch, finding new training and acquiring new skills. My search began.

    Have you been considering a way out of your daily grind? Are you fresh out of college with nowhere to go? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself at a crossroads because of our current global 'shifts', and the economic uncertainty ahead. Our old paradigm is not likely to work for us from this point on. If you feel like you are at a dead end, that your life is not exactly a life-'style' you can be sure that opportunity is knocking.

     The internet is by now clearly the direction, the path and the potential going forward. Not being tech savvy myself, I needed to understand the workings of the digital world, acquire the skills necessary to earn money on line, and learn to utilize the internet's global market. But where to begin?

     You’ve seen the ads. A quick tour through the 10,000 sq. ft. home, multi car garage, amazing swimming pool, the ocean view, the allure of earning millions online overnight. 

     I skipped most of these ads before they got to the hard sell. Even still, they left me a bit curious. Yes, there are ways to earn money online, but how?

     I wasn’t in the market for a mansion, but what if it were possible to supplement, or eventually surpass my current income with an internet business? What if I could finally walk away from the work I’ve hated for decades? What if I had time to get back to my original passion?

     I needed help, but not from the fast talking Ferrari guys. I wanted training from a trustworthy source that would meet me where I am, and walk me through from step one.

     Gratefully I found an educational system, and team of mentors that I really resonate with. A comprehensive online training program with more to offer than I knew existed! The founders, Stu and Jay had me at “Hello” and I was all in from the start.

     This incredible training introduced me to multiple aspects of online entrepreneurship, prepared me for digital marketing, and provided the tools needed to launch online businesses. I was guided every step of the way, and from the ground up. I set my own pace and enjoyed knowing that a compassionate community and a very patient tech support team was always there, ready willing and able to help.

     I must admit, there were moments of frustration, doubt and overwhelm. The amount of information provided was daunting at times, and I feared that I'd never get my head around it all. Computer technology was an entirely new territory for me. But I meant business, took it step by step, and kept forging ahead. And I am so grateful that I did!

Perseverance, and a burning desire to create a vibrant new life are key. Why not open the door?